Search labels and IDs from IAB-QAG and IPTC Subject Codes taxonomies

IAB-QAG and IPTC Subject Codes are two really useful taxonomies that you can use to classify news content as part of your workflow. They sort huge amounts of text content into categories that are readable to both humans and machines, so you can create value from the sorted content.

At AYLIEN, we enable our users to leverage these taxonomies both with the Text API (for their own content), and with the News API (for the millions of new stories it gathers and analyzes each month). With a combined 900+ categories in these taxonomies, they can create value from content about broad and granular topics.


This takes the complexity of organizing content by the topic of its subject matter and boils it down to a couple of lines of code. For example, when you’re accessing content with the News API, you can specify stories about stock activity or earnings reports with these two lines of code:


'categories_taxonomy': 'iptc-subjectcode',
'categories_id': ['04016041', '04016016']


So to start accessing the content that matters to you, you just need to know the IDs of the categories you’re interested in. To make finding these IDs easier for you we’ve put together searchable pages for the IAB-QAG and IPTC Subject Codes taxonomies.


You can search them now in the AYLIEN documentation by clicking on the taxonomy you’re interested in below.

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