Meet our New Recruits in Science, Sales, Administration, and Engineering

Just six months on from our last blog tracking growth here at AYLIEN, we have more updates to keep you posted on. Since then, we’ve added five more to the team – two scientists, an office manager, an engineer, and a business development manager.

We’re now a team of 17 comprised of eight nationalities, and we’re really excited to share this new step we’re taking. Meet the newest additions to the AYLIEN team!

Chris – Research Scientist


Chris has been with us part-time for a few months now while he finished his PhD, where he designed neural networks for machine translation, and now he’s joining us full-time to advance our understanding of entity linking. Starting as a Music and German undergrad, he dived into Computational Linguistics after his Master’s degree and hasn’t looked back since. Take a look at his research publications or follow him on Twitter.

A native of Denton, Texas, Chris is also keen outdoorsman and quite an accomplished percussionist – he usually plays in the Grand Social on Mondays with Polish Folk collective The Supertonic Orchestra.

Damien – Business Development Manager


Joining us after lecturing in Music in the British and Irish Modern Music Institute, Damien comes on board to help our customers get the most out of AYLIEN’s products. Damien is going to use the experience he gathered over eight years in sales and customer support in tech companies.

Outside of AYLIEN, Damien is also a professional composer, scoring films and video games, he plays alto sax in a Ska/Punk band called Bocs Social, and writes for a blog he started, Audio Dexterous. Damien and Chris bring the number of serious musicians at AYLIEN to three (we’ve all heard @anotherjohng whistling in the lift).

Francesca – Office Manager


Francesca is taking over everything admin-related in AYLIEN. In the six weeks she’s been with us, she has become the go-to person for most things that happen in the office, and has earned the undying gratitude of some of the team by helping them deal with the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service, which can be a little… let’s say, tiring. But having been on the organisation board of PyCon Italy for ten years, keeping things running in a tech company is nothing new for Francesca.

Coming from Parma (yes, the home of the ham and the cheese), Francesca did a degree in Food Science and Technology, and she is an avid reader and board gamer.

Ian – Postdoctoral Fellow


The first Aussie on the team, Ian is also our first postdoc from academia to be based in the AYLIEN office, and the third member of the research team holding a PhD. Our first Science Foundation Ireland Industry fellow, we covered Ian’s placement in a blog post last month. His research focuses on building neural networks that analyze emotion in text.

Outside of AYLIEN, Ian has done a little sailing (just across the Atlantic, no big deal), speaks quite a few languages (Czech, Spanish, and Italian, but can get by in French, Hindi, Turkish and German), and is a pretty decent cook.

Sven – Site Reliability Engineer


Sven joins us to take responsibility for the infrastructure of every part of AYLIEN – making everything as reliable and resilient as possible. When he’s not hunting down potential failure points and eliminating manual processes in AYLIEN’s tech, Sven is usually contributing to open-source software and coding interesting projects, and you can take a look at his code on GitHub.

A Madrid native of German origin, Sven cycles to work via the gym every morning, so by 9AM he’s done more exercise than the rest of us combined! Having been around the world quite a bit, he’s now getting around Ireland bit by bit – a winter trip to Connemara is up next!

So that’s the update for the summer, we’re growing at a quick rate across research, engineering, and sales, so if you think you’d work well on the team, drop us a line at If you’re an NLP or machine learning person with a research idea, check out our research page – maybe there’s something for us to work on together.

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