Meet our first Head of Product, Harish Kumar

Meet our first Head of Product, Harish Kumar

Over the past few months at AYLIEN, we have been busy expanding our team and developing a new product that we’re really excited about. Our Text Analysis Platform (TAP) is now in Beta, and it’s a product that is central to our vision of how businesses will extract value from Natural Language Processing in the coming years.

This vision is one where the powerful tools like our Text Analysis API and our News API can be customized by a wide range of users. We’re delighted to say that TAP is already allowing businesses, researchers, and analysts to develop custom AI solutions to power their products and augment their decision-making capabilities.

In order to shepherd TAP and our other APIs toward this vision, we’ve hired our first Head of Product, Harish Kumar. Harish will bring his understanding of the NLP market to AYLIEN and help us define what the optimal products will look like, how they can enable our users to create the maximum possible value, and then help guide the engineering and research teams to deliver these products.

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Harish’s understanding of the NLP and AI market has been developed while working in the private sector and academia, leading teams and companies that leverage some of the various manifestations of AI, and by following a lifelong interest in building technology that augments people’s decision-making capabilities.

Having developed an interest in declarative programming languages while at school in Bangalore, Harish went on to found companies and build technology that ranged from engineering modelling software to solutions that leveraged the Semantic Web.

Harish came to Ireland to join a research unit in the Insight Center for Data Analytics that was working on Big Data and Search technologies. This unit later spun out to create a startup that built data analytics tools for semi-structured content, where he led the product management function.

Harish’s experience in the business of AI and his understanding of Machine Learning products make him an ideal person to sit between the engineering, science, and sales teams and provide input about the end-user’s needs at every stage of the development process. We’re already really excited about the work we’re getting done.

Welcome to the team, Harish!

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