Introducing Text Analysis for Google Sheets

Introducing Text Analysis for Google Sheets

Note: the Google Sheets Add-on is now deprecated, but you can replicate most of its functionality with some code you can copy and paste from here.

Text analysis newbie? Seasoned data junkie? Do you spend time classifying and analyzing text documents? Are you trying to listen to the voice of your customers online?

We are excited to launch a super cool and powerful tool that brings Text Analysis capabilities to Google Sheets.

With AYLIEN Text Analysis for Google Sheets you can:

  • Perform Sentiment Analysis on Social Media streams to identify what is positive, negative or neutral about your company or brand
  • Extract mentions of entities and concepts such as people, organizations, places and products from documents
  • Summarize long chunks of text and articles into a few key sentences
  • Detect the language of a document
  • Find the best hashtags for your content for better discoverability on Social Media
  • Classify your documents or links into more than 500 categories
  • Extract the full text of an article, as well as its author name, embedded media, etc.

We are really excited about this announcement as it brings the power of Text Analysis to data junkies, marketers and analysts who may not have the programming or technical expertise to use an API. This easy to use tool plugs straight into your spreadsheet and provides valuable insight from text in minutes.

The AYLIEN Text Analysis add-on is the first and only text analysis tool available for Google Sheets. It is the easiest way to perform sophisticated text analysis on documents without leaving your Google Sheets environment. Powered by the AYLIEN Text Analysis API, this tool brings an easy to use package of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning tools to your spreadsheets. It allows you to transform your spreadsheet into a powerful yet easy-to-use Text Analysis tools with no coding or text analytics experience needed to get started.

Getting started is easy, check out our videos and walkthrough guides to see how easy it is to get up and running on our tutorial page. Or you can watch our intro video below.

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The AYLIEN Text Analysis Add-on is free to use for up to 1000 credits. Essentially 1 call = 1 credit. For users utilising more that 1000 credits credits can be topped up easily in the Chrome add-on store and your credits won’t expire.

Download your add-on today and start extracting reality from your data in your spreadsheets.

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