Welcome aboard, John!


Position: advisor

We are delighted to announce that Dr. John Breslin has joined AYLIEN as an advisor. John has a unique blend of academia and industry in his background and he’s currently a lecturer at NUI Galway and Insight Centre.

He previously co-founded the very successful and websites as well as StreamGlider, Technology Voice and Startup Galway. He has also lead Eurapp and SIOC.

Happy to have you on board, John and looking forward to making great things happen with your help and advice!



Parsa Ghaffari

CEO and Founder of AYLIEN Parsa is an AI, Machine Learning and NLP enthusiast, whose aim is to make these techniques and technologies more accessible and easier to use for developers and data scientists. When he’s not working he likes to play chess ('parsabg' on Twitter: @parsaghaffari