The Mothership is Growing; Welcome aboard Peiman and Jordi!

The Mothership is Growing; Welcome aboard Peiman and Jordi!

Remember when we moved into our bright, big shiny new office back in August? Well, We’ve already started to run out of space!

We’ve recently added two super-smart guys to our team. Given our focus on always improving our product and service, we’ve added two technical brains to the AYLIEN mothership. One an NLP researcher and the other a Machine Translation/NLP guru.

Peiman Barnaghi (Linkedin)

Peiman started work at AYLIEN back in March as a Natural Language Processing researcher. His research work is focused on Scalable Topic-Level Sentiment Analysis on Streaming Feeds.



Peiman is working under the supervision of Dr. John Breslin, from The Insight Center at NUI Galway, who also happens to be a mentor and advisor to AYLIEN.

His research work is something we’re extremely excited about at AYLIEN. The problem he’s addressing refers to the shortcomings of current techniques in dealing with large volumes of streaming data. The time-dependent nature of this task requires development methods and techniques for continuous monitoring and analysis of streaming feeds (such as Twitter data) to provide live and updatable models for sentiment that evolve over time.

In Peiman’s words: “Social data processing is a fascinating topic that I am very eager to learn more about. I believe my skills and background knowledge combined with the research environment, mentoring and supervision support will enable me to thrive in this extremely interesting area.”

When he’s not buried in research papers, Peiman enjoys swimming (not in the Irish Sea yet), music and reading.

Jordi Carrera (Linkedin)

Jordi Carrera is a Computational Linguist and Natural Language engineer with 6+ years of experience developing Artificial Intelligence applications.



He started his career in academia at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya working as a researcher on knowledge representation and ontologies, where he soon became interested in extracting structured knowledge from unstructured text. This led him to the field of syntactic analysis and relation mining while still in academia at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya .

Since his academic days, Jordi has amassed a wealth of experience in distributional language models, semantic vector spaces, clustering and document classification as well as topic modeling. His experience ranges from working as a language consultant for a San Francisco based Machine Translation company, a European Sentiment Analysis start-up, Asomo to co-building his own Text Summarization product, Sumplify.

In more recent years, Jordi has continued his previous work on Machine Translation with Web Interpret, and has explored several other areas such as automatic spell checking with Grammarly .

Outside of work, Jordi is a huge fan of long bike rides, public speaking, and the scientific method.

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