Text Analysis in Mobile App Development; Telerik/AYLIEN partnership

Text Analysis in Mobile App Development; Telerik/AYLIEN partnership

We are happy to announce that as part of our strategic partnership with Telerik our Text Analysis API is now even easier for mobile developers to incorporate into their apps and development process.

Telerik Platform

Telerik provides a platform on which developers can build Mobile apps quickly and efficiently. The platform allows you to design, build, connect, test, deploy, manage and measure sophisticated mobile apps across multiple platforms including android, iOS and windows. The advantages of the platform mean it is easier for developers to add features and capabilities to native apps that would otherwise entail some heavy lifting and domain expertise.

Text Analysis and Mobile Apps

There is no denying mobile device usage has been on the rise in recent years and according to a study carried out by Flurry more and more of us are spending our browsing time in native apps and moving away from mobile web browsing. As much as 86% of web use on mobile devices is spent in native apps today. This has meant mobile development has risen high in priority as companies scramble to kick their mobile projects into gear.

What can be accomplished today with Text Analytics and the insight it can provide to developers and business stakeholders alike, has meant that there has also been a steady increase in adoption and application of Text Analysis practices in mobile app development.

Providing a quick and efficient way for mobile developers to harness and utilize the powers of Text Analysis in their apps and development process is something we have been focusing on in the past couple of months.

Our Partnership

Telerik recently announced the launch of an industry first verified plugin marketplace. This Cordova/PhoneGap verified marketplace aims to showcase and promote custom plugins which allow developers to extend the functionality of their mobile apps.

This Plugin marketplace provided an interesting opportunity for us at AYLIEN to bring the power of Text Analysis straight to the development process of mobile apps. The plugin allows sophisticated text analysis capabilities to be easily incorporated into a mobile app without any text analytics knowledge or expertise.



Our AYLIEN Plug-in is now available in the Telerik Plugin Marketplace. This plugin allows you to extract structured information and insights from text. It performs Summarization, Sentiment Analysis and Hashtag Suggestion for any piece of text (tweets, articles, form submissions, documents etc.).

To get started with the plugin:

Step 1. Grab your free AYLIEN Text Analysis API Key here.

Step 2. Download your plugin from the plugin marketplace here

Or alternatively, you can utilise the prebuilt demo app available in the Telerik Plug-in Marketplace to test it out first.


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