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The latest updates from our research team at AYLIEN; project updates, academic paper commentary and science-focused pieces on NLP and Deep Learning.

Latest Posts

Research directions at AYLIEN in NLP and transfer learning

March 6, 2018

In a recent blog post I outlined some interesting research directions for people who are just getting into NLP and ML (you can read the original post ...


Funded PhD and Masters opportunities 2018

February 28, 2018

At AYLIEN we are using recent advances in Artificial Intelligence to try to understand natural language. Part of what we do is building products such ...


Hunter Kelly joins AYLIEN to take our engineering to the next level

November 20, 2017

It’s an exciting time here at AYLIEN – in the past couple of months, we’ve moved office, closed a funding round, and added six people to the tea...


Juggernaut: Neural Networks in a web browser

November 7, 2017

Juggernaut is an experimental Neural Network, written in Rust. It is a feed-forward neural network that uses gradient descent to fit the model and tra...


Highlights of EMNLP 2017: Exciting Datasets, Return of the Clusters, and More!

September 18, 2017

Four members of our research team spent the past week at the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 2017) in Copenhagen...


Announcing our first SFI Industry Fellow, Ian Wood

August 18, 2017

Breakthroughs in NLP research are creating huge value for people every day, supercharging technologies from search engines to chatbots. The work that ...


Learning to Select Data for Transfer Learning

August 3, 2017

In Machine Learning, the traditional assumption is that the data our model is applied to is the same as the data we used for training. This assumption...


A TensorFlow implementation of “A neural autoregressive topic model” (DocNADE)

July 3, 2017

In the last post we looked at how Generative Adversarial Networks could be used to learn representations of documents in an unsupervised manner. In ev...


Modeling documents with Generative Adversarial Networks

June 28, 2017

I presented some preliminary work on using Generative Adversarial Networks to learn distributed representations of documents at the recent NIPS worksh...


A Call for Research Collaboration at AYLIEN 2017

May 17, 2017

At Aylien we are using recent advances in Artificial Intelligence to try to understand natural language. Part of what we do is building products such ...

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