NLP Dublin Meetup Announcement

NLP Dublin Meetup Announcement

Interest in Natural Language Processing (NLP) has risen rapidly in recent years; nowadays, NLP forms a key component of the roadmap of almost every major tech company. All share the goals of making advanced NLP capabilities accessible to developers and bringing them into the hands of consumers. Simultaneously, most existing areas in NLP are under active research, with new ideas being developed and tested at a breakneck pace. However, discussion of the potential and applications of such ideas is usually restricted to small interest groups, e.g. collaborating research teams and infrequent venues, e.g. NLP conferences.

We at Aylien are acutely aware of this dynamic: We seek to equip developers and businesses with the NLP tools they need to improve their businesses. At the same time, we are conducting cutting-edge research and continuously looking for ways to leverage this research to improve our services and help our clients.

In order to provide a regular, common forum for students, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss state-of-the-art NLP research and cutting-edge industry applications, we are thrilled to announce the NLP Dublin meetup. We hope that this group will facilitate the exchange of ideas within the Irish NLP community and bring people into contact with ideas and applications they might have otherwise not heard about. Every event will feature presentations about interesting areas of NLP, QA sessions, and ample time for discussions and networking.

The first meetup will take place on August 3. If you are interested in speaking at or sponsoring future meetups, please contact or click the banner below.


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