Hybrid Text and Image Analysis service added to AYLIEN API’s

We’re very excited to announce, we’ve teamed up with the guys from Imagga, to bring image analysis capabilities to our package of API’s. In a mutually beneficial partnership, we’ll be making our first step in the hybrid Text and Image analysis space with an image tagging end point being made available through our existing service.




The partnership, a match made in heaven, will add image analysis capabilities to our existing Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning API’s creating an all in one content analysis suite.

The addition of image analysis capabilities was a natural next step for us in enhancing our offering. As Parsa, our founder put it; “In today’s media, text and images are two sides of the same coin and must be analyzed and understood in tandem to get a holistic view of what’s going on in the world. There’s a strong demand among our customers for image analysis capabilities, and after evaluating a number of potential partners Imagga came out on top. We’re quite similar as companies in many ways and share the same values and goals. This is just the first of many more hybrid solutions to come.”

The image analysis endpoint utilizes machine learning technology, image recognition and deep learning algorithms to identify up to 6,000 distinct objects, concepts and facial expressions and colours automatically in images.

Our interactive demo has a number of example images which showcase the Image analysis feature.




Once an image is analyzed the API will automatically return a list of candidate tags for that image, as well as a confidence measure, indicating how sure the service is of the particular tags it suggests.




Paying customers of our Text Analysis service will get immediate access to the image processing features. The feature addition gives AYLIEN users far greater capabilities, in how they analyse and understand content at scale, whether they’re dealing with images, text or both.

The image tagging feature is fully documented in our API docs and has been added to our various SDK’s. We’ll also be following up later this week with a “how to blog” for analysing images through the API.



Mike Waldron

Head of Marketing & Sales @ AYLIEN A legal convert with a masters degree from Smurfit Business School, Mike runs our Sales and Marketing at AYLIEN. Mike gathered his Sales and Marketing experience with technology companies in Sydney and Dublin before getting the startup itch and joining the team at AYLIEN. Twitter: @MikeWallly