Hunter Kelly joins AYLIEN to take our engineering to the next level

Hunter Kelly joins AYLIEN to take our engineering to the next level

It’s an exciting time here at AYLIEN – in the past couple of months, we’ve moved office, closed a funding round, and added six people to the team. We’re delighted to announce our most recent hire and our first Chief Architect and Principal Engineer, Hunter Kelly.


The AYLIEN tech infrastructure has grown to quite a scale at this point. In addition to serving over 30,000 users with three product offerings, we’re also a fully-functional AI research lab that houses five full-time researchers, who in turn feed their findings back into the products. With such a complex architecture and backends that have highly demanding tasks, bringing an engineer with the breadth and quality of experience that Hunter has is a huge boost to us as we move into the next phase of our journey.

At first glance, Hunter’s career has followed a seemingly meandering path through some really interesting companies. After graduating from UC Berkeley in the 90s, he joined the Photoscience Department at Pixar in California, became one of the first engineers in Google’s Dublin office, and at NewBay, he designed and built a multi-petabyte storage solution for handling user-generated content, still in use by some of the world’s largest telcos today. Hunter is joining us from Zalando’s Fashion Insight Centre, where as the first engineer in the Dublin office he kicked off the Fashion Content Platform, which was shortlisted as a finalist in the 2017 DatSci Awards.

The common thread in those roles, while perhaps not obvious, is data. Hunter brings this rich experience working on data, both from an engineering and data science perspective, to focus on one extremely important problem – how can we leverage data to solve our hardest problems?

This question is central to AI research, and Hunter’s expertise is a perfect fit with AYLIEN’s mission to make Natural Language Processing hassle-free for developers. Our APIs handle the heavy lifting so developers can leverage Deep NLP in a couple of lines of code, and the ease with which our users do this is down to the great work our science and engineering teams do. Adding Hunter to the intersection of these teams will add a huge amount to our capabilities here and we’re really excited about the great work we can get done.

Here’s what Hunter had to say about joining the team:

“I’m really excited to be joining AYLIEN at this point in time. I think that AI and Machine Learning are incredibly powerful tools that everyone should be able to leverage. I really look forward to being able to bring my expertise and experience, particularly with large-scale and streaming data platforms, to AYLIEN to help broaden their already impressive offerings. AI is just reaching that critical point of moving beyond academia and reaching wide-scale adoption. Making its power accessible to the wider community beyond very focused experts is a really interesting and exciting challenge.”

When he’s not in AYLIEN, Hunter can be found spending time with his wife and foster children, messing around learning yet another programming language, painting minis, playing board games, tabletop RPG’s and wargames, or spending too much time playing video games.  He’s also been known to do some Salsa dancing, traveling, sailing, and scuba diving.

Check out Hunter’s talks on his most recent work at ClojureConj and this year’s Kafka Summit.

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