How Text Analysis is changing the way we discover, consume and distribute content on the web.

Whether you’re a publisher, a content distributor or an advertiser, content is king if you are looking to increase engagement. As web users, we don’t visit and regularly return to websites, blogs and news sites if we don’t find them engaging or they don’t fulfill our needs. When we visit websites we generally want to learn something or be entertained. If businesses want to engage with audiences and more importantly relevant audiences online they need to be creating high quality and informative content.



What’s Changed?

As web users, the way we search for and consume information has dramatically changed. This has meant publishers and content creators have had to adapt too. More and more content is being consumed and shared online today than ever before according to a recent study by IBM; “90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.” This content is also published and shared across numerous channels; blogs, platforms, news sites and social media for example which means staying ahead of the curve and informed has become harder than ever before.

Traditionally content distributors or even search engines would rely on serving relevant content to users based on their expressed requirements, for example through a Google search, we would enter our search term and they would provide a relevant result. It was a similar situation for advertisers and publishers, we would be served ads or promoted content based on our search terms or what we asked for.

Today things are a little different, as web users, we expect relevant content to be pushed to us and placed under our noses via our favourite blogs, social sites and even well targeted ads. We expect informative, relevant and sharable content to be automatically placed at our fingertips.

This new focus on content has also brought about some notable developments in the advertising and content distribution spaces. Content discovery platforms, publishers and advertisers have needed to adapt and not be left behind and have done a relatively good job of reacting to change and embracing technology.

Advancements in NLP, Machine Learning and Text Analysis are right at the heart of how content discovery and distribution has changed. Being able to analyze vast amounts of content and extract topics, entities, concepts, keywords and even being able to summarize vast amounts of text allows for easier and more accurate categorization, discovery and distribution.

So who Benefits?

With all of the advancements in technology being utilized to make the web better, it is difficult to know who benefits the most. Publishers, Advertisers, Content Distributors or Web users.


Providing relevant content to attract visitors to your sites is one thing but keeping visitors engaged and returning is even more important to publishers. Being able to suggest another relevant article or video to readers means visitors are more likely to spend time on your site, re-visit your site, consume more content and share more articles.


Semantic Advertising (which you can read about here) allows advertisers to serve more targeted ads which results in higher CTR’s. Being able to analyze content and automatically serve well-targeted relevant ads means the ad publisher/networks as well as the brands behind the ads extend their reach, improve their relevancy and benefit from better performing ad campaigns.

Content discovery/distribution platforms

Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing technologies allow content platforms to easily discover popular content, group or categorize it and distribute that content effectively on the right channels to the right target audience resulting in a more engaged and growing user base.

Web Users

As web users, things have become a lot easier. We now utilise automated discovery tools, engage with content discovery platforms and follow influencers on social channels, for example, to be kept abreast of content we wish to consume. It has never been easier for us to discover and share content online. We can now consume and discover information, news articles, videos, services and products that are relevant to us on whatever channel or format we choose with little or no input ourselves.

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