How Taskulu Use Sentiment Analysis to Generate Actionable Leads from Twitter

How Taskulu Use Sentiment Analysis to Generate Actionable Leads from Twitter

One of our API users Farhad, from Taskulu recently published a blog post on how he uses AYLIEN Text Analysis API for lead generation on Twitter.

As Farhad puts it himself; “There are many people out there literally asking you to introduce your product to them so they can become your customers, but the problem is that it’s very difficult to find them!”

The idea behind the app he created is simple; discover, understand and get involved in conversations about management platforms on twitter, as they happen.

With about 50 lines of code, a free AYLIEN subscription and a Google spreadsheet, Taskulu are now actively mining twitter in real time for “Tweeleads.” Tweets made by users who are looking for alternative project management platforms. In the first 8 hours of having the App live, Fahad had managed to gather about 35 “Tweeleads” in a spreadsheet. He has since been following up on each lead and has been having some interesting conversations with prospects since.

For those of you who want to try it out, they’ve published the code for generating Tweeleads on Github. You can also find the documentation and instructions for setting it up on the Github page.

The whole process doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes! If you want to give it a go, you’ll need to do the following:

Farhad Hedayati is co-founder and CEO of Taskulu, a management platform that lets you keep all the stakeholders and resources of your project inside one project – making project managers lives, team management and communication a lot easier. He regularly writes about growth hacking, marketing techniques, startups, and occasionally programming, you can Follow him on Twitter: @farhad_hf

If you have an interesting application for Text Analysis or our API then let us know. We love to see our users hack simple and useful apps together off our API’s.


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