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Data Science

Using text and image analysis for cool, fun and insightful data science projects.

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Data Science

Using NLP to understand how Twitter and the media reacted to the Super Bowl 51 ads battle

February 16, 2017

Introduction Last week we showed you how we analyzed 2.2 million tweets associated with Super Bowl 51 to gauge the public’s reaction to the event. Whi...

Data Science

Sentiment Analysis of 2.2 million tweets from Super Bowl 51

February 9, 2017

Introduction Super Bowl 51 had us on the edge of our seats. A dramatic comeback and a shocking overtime finish meant the 111.3 Million Americans who t...

Data Science

Using NLP & media monitoring to predict the winners and losers of the Super Bowl 51 ads battle

February 3, 2017

Introduction We’re just two days away from seeing the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots go head to head at Super Bowl 51 in Texas. With an anti...

Data Science

Web Summit 2016 according to Twitter: Text mining 80,000 tweets

November 29, 2016

Intro Dubbed as Europe’s largest technology marketplace and Davos for geeks, the Web Summit has been going from strength to strength in recent years a...

Data Science

Using NLP and Text Mining to understand how media coverage influenced the US presidential election

November 18, 2016

Intro The 2016 US Presidential election was one of (if not the) most controversial in the nation’s history. With the end prize being arguably th...

Data Science

A Hierarchical Model of Reviews for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

September 22, 2016

Sentiment analysis is widely used to gauge public opinion towards products, to analyze customer satisfaction, and to detect trends. With the prolifera...

Data Science

Source Code Classification Using Deep Learning

August 30, 2016

Programming languages are the primary tool of the software development industry. Since the 1940’s hundreds of them have been created and a huge amount...

Data Science

Euro 2016 according to Twitter; Sentiment Analysis of 27M tweets

July 21, 2016

Introduction The dust has truly settled on what was one of the biggest sporting occasions of the year, the 2016 European Championships. The worldwide ...

Data Science

Analyzing the structure and effectiveness of news headlines using NLP – Part 1

April 29, 2016

As you may know we recently launched a new service offering, our News API, and over the past week or so we’ve been using it to run some little experim...

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