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Data Science

Using text and image analysis for cool, fun and insightful data science projects.

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Data Science

Monitoring Publishing Trends in the Health & Wellness Industry – Monthly Media Roundup with the AYLIEN News API

March 15, 2018

The global health and wellness market is valued at almost $4 trillion annually, and the media plays a central role in consumer buying decisions. So sp...

Data Science

Monthly Media Review with the AYLIEN News API – January

February 9, 2018

Each month on the AYLIEN blog, we look into the previous month’s news to see what trends and insights we can extract using our News API. 2018 started ...

Data Science

12 of the best free Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning educational resources

January 31, 2018

Advances in of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning are broadening the scope of what technology can do in people’s everyday lives, and bec...

Data Science

NLP Hacks: Trolling the trolls using Natural Language Processing, Intercom and AWS Lambda

January 24, 2018

Frequent and ongoing communication with customers and users is key to the success of any business. That’s where tools like Intercom and Zendesk ...

Data Science

What can Text Mining tell us about Snapchat’s new update?

January 19, 2018

Last week, Snapchat unveiled a major redesign of their app that received quite a bit of negative feedback. As a video-sharing platform that has integr...

Data Science

Build a Text Mining workflow to scrape and analyze reviews from the web

January 12, 2018

Online review sites are the world’s repository of customer opinion – every day, hundreds of thousands of customers give publicly available feedb...

Data Science

2017 in review with the AYLIEN News API

December 27, 2017

It’s now the end of an eventful year that saw the UK begin negotiations to leave the EU, the fight of the century between a boxer and a mixed martial ...

Data Science

Analyze News Content in RapidMiner with the AYLIEN News API

December 15, 2017

Being able to leverage news content at scale is an extremely useful resource for anyone analyzing business, social, or economic trends. But in order t...

Data Science

Analyzing the media coverage of Bitcoin – November Monthly Media Review with the AYLIEN News API

December 7, 2017

Over the past few weeks, the hype about Bitcoin has reached fever pitch, as the cryptocurrency’s rise in price accelerated and the Dollar value of one...

Data Science

Spot Trends in Publishing Volume – October Media Roundup with the AYLIEN News API

November 3, 2017

With the world’s media now publishing news content at web scale, it’s possible to leverage this content and discover what news the world is consuming ...

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