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Product updates and how-to guides for our Text Analysis API, News API, and Text Analysis Platform

Trello has become central to how millions of teams work because it makes these teams more efficient. It allows teams to assign, track and complete tasks efficiently in a simple … Continued

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Over the past few months at AYLIEN, we have been busy expanding our team and developing a new product that we’re really excited about. Our Text Analysis Platform (TAP) is … Continued

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Looking for an Easy-to-use Text Analysis solution?
Leverage our Deep Learning driven NLP models as part of your analytics workflow. Extract entities, Analyze sentiment, and categorize text with ease. Get 1,000 calls per day free.
Track and monitor news content with our News API
Search, source, and analyze news content from tens of thousands of sources in real time. Use our Text Analysis capabilities to extract what matters from news content at scale. Sign up for a 14-day, no-commitment trial.
Custom Natural Language Processing from Google Sheets in two easy steps
NLP Hacks: Trolling the trolls using Natural Language Processing, Intercom and AWS Lambda