AYLIEN Text Analysis SDKs

At AYLIEN, we’re constantly working to improve and enhance our product offering, we have a long list of features and enhancements we’re working through and adding to every day. A lot of these features focus on one key aspect which we feel is pivotal to our success, Developer Experience.

Part of our, “mission” (insert fluffy corporate mission here) is to bring text analytics to the everyday man. To do this, we realised our API needs to be super easy to use and extremely easy to integrate with on top of that our documentation needs to be clear and simple, our support needs to be on point and above all we need to be “developer focused”.

We want our API to be all of the following:

  • Simple
  • Hackable
  • Selfservice
  • Developer Focused

One of our KPI’s we track quite closely is “time to first hello world” (TTFHW) a nice idea we came across in a recent SlideShare by John Musser from ProgrammableWeb..

With all of this in mind we are constantly iterating or sign up process to ensure it’s as easy as possible for developers to harness the power of our API. One of these initiatives we have been working on recently is to provide SDKs for popular languages that our users can use to get up and running with the API.

As Parsa, our founder put it; “We believe that many industries and businesses could benefit from NLP and Text Analytics, and we’ve made it our mission to make it easier for everyone to tap into these technologies to create smarter and more efficient tools and applications that will change the way their industry works. Our SDKs are an important step in this direction, and enable any developer to add the smarts of AYLIEN’s Text Analysis API to their applications.”

Our first batch of SDKs focus on the most common languages used by our users and can be downloaded from our GitHub Repo.

We plan on adding SDK’s for Java, C# and Go and we should have these ready early in the new year. Happy Hacking!

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