AYLIEN Text Analysis Developer Sandbox is LIVE!

We recently spoke about TTFHW (Time to first hello world) in a previous blog post and how important developer experience is to us. Ensuring our API is easy to use, quick to get started with and flexible is a major priority for us at AYLIEN. With this in mind, we recently launched SDKs in various languages and are today, happy to announce, our developer Sandbox is now live on our developer portal. The idea with the Sandbox is to provide a simple environment for our API users, whilst making it quicker and easier for developers to play with, test and build upon our API.

The Sandbox is a development and test environment that allows you to start making calls to the API as quickly and as easily as possible. It’s comprised of an editor and output window that allows users to start coding and making calls to the API without having to setup a dedicated environment. It currently has two sample apps, one is a “Basic Features App”, a simple application that showcases each feature of the API and the other is an application that grabs the top 5 discussions on Hacker News and Summarizes them. Both are fully functional and editable for you to use as a functional app, to test the API or as the building blocks for an idea you might have. We plan to add more applications over the next couple of weeks to showcase some interesting use cases for the API.

You can access the Sandbox with an AYLIEN Text Analysis API account. If you haven’t signed up for a free account, you can register for one here.

Getting Started

Once you’ve logged in, the Sandbox will automatically generate your App ID and Account information so you can start making calls immediately. Choose the SDK from the menu in the right-hand side for the language of your choice and start hacking.



Choose an APP

Choose which app you want to use in the drop down menu. As we mentioned there are two sample apps currently available. A feature focused app and a Hacker News summarization app.



Build your own

The code is fully editable so you can use the apps as building blocks for new ideas, or even build your own app from right within the Sandbox. Your work can also be downloaded and saved on your local machine..



Invite your friends!

If you are having fun in the sandbox then please invite your friends, simply grab the URL and pass it on. Note: Whoever you share it with will need their own AYLIEN Account to make any calls.



We hope you enjoy using our Developer Sandbox. You can get access to it here. We’d love to hear about any cool apps you’re building and we would be happy to feature them as sample apps in the Developer Sandbox.

Happy Hacking!

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