A Smart Team from 3 Continents and 6 Countries; Solving 1 BIG Problem

As you may have noticed, we’re growing quite quickly here at AYLIEN, with new team members starting on a weekly basis. Our little penthouse office is bursting at the seams. We’re not quite sure this Irish weather lends itself to people working on the balcony though!

The team at our weekly coffee morning

At AYLIEN we’re embracing the benefits of having a diverse team and the value every individual with different backgrounds can bring to our expanding startup. With team members from 3 continents, 6 countries and 3 counties I think we can truly say we’re a multi-cultural team!

We wanted to take some time out to introduce you to not one, but FOUR, new members of the AYLIEN team. Our new members bring skills and expertise across important domains such as engineering, research and sales and marketing.

Say hello to our newest recruits:

Sebastian; NLP Research Engineer

Sebastian Ruder hails from the Black Forest, Germany. From an early age, Sebastian has had a fascination with human intelligence and language. This has led him to study Computational Linguistics at the University of Heidelberg and at Trinity College, Dublin. During his studies, Sebastian became increasingly interested in machine learning and was able to deepen his understanding while working with fellow engineers and researchers at Microsoft, IBM’s Extreme Blue, Google’s Summer of Code and SAP, among others.

These days, Sebastian is interested in developing and applying Deep Learning-based systems to NLP, particularly to the task of sentiment analysis. His focus at AYLIEN is on researching and developing systems for multilingual as well as aspect and entity-based sentiment analysis.

Sebastian is also an avid traveler, food enthusiast and keen board game player.

You can follow what Sebastian is working on on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome aboard Sebastian!

Robson; NLP Engineering Intern

Robson Montenegro joins us from Recife, Brazil. Having won a scholarship to attend the leading university in Pernambuco, Robson pursued a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering. He majored in Neural Networks and soon after gained his Master’s degree in Computer Vision. Since graduating, Robson has gained over six years of experience with the department of Research and Development at Stefanini IT Solutions.

At the moment, Robson is in the process of preparing for his PhD course through his work at AYLIEN. His focus will be on applying deep learning-based NLP techniques to document classification.

Robson is a big fan of Project Management methodologies and loves all things related to Cinema.

You can follow Robson on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome Robson!

Noel; Customer Success Manager

Noel Bambrick, was born here in Dublin and has lived most of his life in Co. Kildare until he decided to travel the world and work abroad in 2010. Whilst overseas, Noel gained experience with a golf IT startup in Perth, Australia and an eLearning company in Toronto, Canada, where he looked after customer success and account management.

Noel completed his Bachelors and Masters at the Dublin Institute of Technology and recently completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing at the Digital Marketing Institute.

As well as being a Dublin Marathon survivor, Noel is writing a novel about a post-apocalyptic world. He assures me the end is not (yet) nigh!

Be sure to follow Noel on Twitter.

Welcome Noel!

Afshin; Software Engineer

And last but not least, the youngest of our new recruits, Afshin Mehrabani was born in 1992 in Neyshabur, Iran. Afshin began coding at the age of 6, when he was given a book on PHP. After school. Afshin went on to study at Tehran University where he graduated in IT.

At AYLIEN, Afshin is focusing his attention on programming with Javascript, Python and Ruby. As a web developer, he’ll be building with frameworks such as Express.js, Django and Ruby on Rails. Outside of his core skills, Afshin has had success in publishing several open-source projects such as Intro.js, Widearea & ProgressJS, with tens of thousands of stars on GitHub and frequently hitting Product Hunt’s front page they’ve been a real hit in the dev community. In his spare time he writes articles for PACKT Publishing and SitePoint about JavaScript, MongoDB and HTML5.

To relax, Afshin enjoys playing Dota2 and studying the Rubik’s Cube. He currently boasts a solo score of 1500MMR and is working on solving the multi-coloured cube in under a minute!

See what Afshin is up to on GitHub and Twitter.

Welcome to the team, Afshin!

Wanna join us?

We’re always happy to speak to anyone working in NLP, Computational Linguistics and Machine Learning so if that’s you, or someone you know of, get in touch with us here: jobs@aylien.com.

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